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Where is the best place to go for *** couples in Saudi Arabia?

OMG so like yeaa I’ma gonna like be going on vacation with my BBFF(best boyfriend forever) and soooo like yeah I was wondering where is a nice location in Jamaica for me and my cuddlebunny
I just said Saudi Arabia wasn’t that like the question wow

Asked by:??I Love Madonna & Cher??

Sister in law is talking about an island wedding, is it rude not to go?

Is my husband step sister but it’s his fave sister. I just **** island, I don’t do well in the heat and have a bad immune system… nor do I really agree with making your guest pay for plane tickets, the room and the food…. your guest are basically paying for the whole wedding. I am hoping she will change her mind since her husband wants the island thing but is it rude to say no to a family member?

I have declined many of these but never a family member. I just really don’t think I should have to put out a couple grand and use vacation time on someones wedding.
My husband is thinks she will change her mind when her father refuses to go.

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going to jeju island Korea for mini vacation. any suggestions on must see Or tours?

i’m going memorial weekend with my guy and another couple. Staying at hotel on beach. Has anyone been that can give good in-site? Do they only take Won there?

Asked by:solo

I’m planning an island vacation with another couple and about 6 adult children (20-31 years of age)?

There are VERY few restaurants on the island but the home we’ll stay in has a gourmet kitchen. We’ll all be home for supper since there’s not much in the way of a night life on the island either. Make them easy but fun. I have some seafood idea’s and we’ll do a lot of grilling so idea’s for the grill would be great too. Please don’t send me to links, I can do that on my own. I want your tried and true recipes.

Asked by:professor grey

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