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Need to go on a vacation! Where in usa is the best place to go on a vacation for couple?

I really like to get out of the city sometime to go on a vacation. No las Vegas! just somewhere nice to go for hiking, climbing. Any ideas and which hotels is best for middle class couple.

Asked by:Sunshine

Going on Vacation to Sana Bell Island? but i’m worried?

my real grandma finally got in touch with me! and well, i’m thrilled. really, i am. she told me today that she’s taking my best friend, siblings, my foster mom, and me to Sana bell Island for a couple days for vacation.
im happy shes doing this but worried at the same time. my grandma is an alcoholic. she drives while drinking vodka. it worries me. i want to go.
what would you do? if i ask her not to drink, she will sneak it. who has been to Sana Bell Island? what is it like? im torn. i would feel bad if i told my grandma we weren’t going. i haven’t seen her in almost a year!
yes it’s sanibel florida

Asked by:Missy

Best Friend Vacations?

My best freind and I have decided to leave our dull husbands at home and go on vacation together. Any reccomendations for non-couple oriented vacations?

Asked by:Sillysam

Should I spend a couple of days on Oahu instead of all the time on the Big Island?

I’m going to spend a couple days on the Big Island of Hawaii for a wedding. Should I split up my vacation and spend a couple of days on Oahu? I think it would be nice to see another island.

What’s great fun to do in Oahu?
Thanks for the replies, I live in Los Angeles, so I really would not be interested in much shopping, more of the natural stuff.

Asked by:DRD

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