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Where should a group of young couples vacation in Jamaica?

There are 4 couples in there mid twenties to early thirties. We are looking for somewhere we can enjoy outdoor water activities (snorkeling and scuba diving) along with a fun nightlife. We are going early December 2008.
I am referring to geographical area more than a specific resort.

Asked by:TonCan

Best romantic places to visit for married couples?

My husband and I are trying to plan a romantic vacation we are into water parks, beaches and anything that is fun and exciting. Can you tell us some romantic places? there is no limit to money and it can be out of the USA.

Asked by:jlankford15

what are some of the best vacation spots for young couples?

my boyfriend and I wanted to go away on a short trip (3-4 days) to somewhere not too far away. We live in Baltimore, MD so we were thinking about just going to a beach maybe New Jersey, Delaware, maybe even Virgina. it will be to celebrate my 18th birthday so does anyone know what the best beach to go to would be? we want it to have beach, boardwalk, things to do for young people. also what do you think a reasonable price would be to budget for the trip?..hotel, spending money..etc. Thanks!!

Asked by:kayla w

where is the best California beach for couples to go on vacation?

Me and my girl friend want to go to a beach in california for the 4th but we want it to be more of a low key type of beach with not many people so it can be more romantic like

Asked by:hondoc_jr

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