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how is Newport, Rhode Island for vacation/summer jobs?

I and my friend want to go to Newport, Rhode island for couple months (july and august) for a summer job/vacation. Why Newport? Because ive been there twice and im in love with this place. So, does anybody know
1. How possible is it to find a job (stores, hotels, restaurants, babysitter(?) etc
2. What is the cost of living there?
3. Is it easy to find something cheap to rent (1 room would be enough)
Thank you guys so much for your help in advance

Asked by:Evgenia U

Where are some good locations to go on a couples only vacation?

My husband and i are planning on taking a vacation this coming summer, and were looking for some ideas.

We only have around 5 days/4nights or so(only get a week vacation at a time) and have been considering the bahamas or hawaii.

We are looking for something to get away from the oridinary life, and enjoy ourselves. This will be our “honeymoon” since we never had one, and want to make it a memorable time.

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In what area would you book a hotel in hong kong?

Hi all! We are a young couple going on vacations to Hong Kong very soon, and I don’t know what area should I choose our hotel? Is it better to choose one in Hong Kong Island or in Kowloom?? Any other ideas? Also if somebody thinks about any “must see” places…. Thank much for all your help!

Asked by:Scube

Does anyone know of a good couples vacation within eight hours of northern Indiana.

We live in Northern Indiana and want to take a three or four day vacation. We don’t want to fly and want to go somewhere we haven’t been. Please give me lots of good ideas. We want to go in Sept. or October.

Asked by:CO

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