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What is the best way to visit Greece?

My husband and I are planning a Greece vacation next year but we are trying to decide on a cruise or flying in and spending a couple of nights in different islands. The cruise we looked into docks at different islands but doesn’t stay over night…5 hours is the shortest time. Have any of you taken a cruise before? We have never been on one. We like that everything is paid for but I was hoping to see more of the island then a couple of hours. Please offer some suggestions. It would really help. Thanks.

Asked by:Liliana R

How do you feel about couples taking separate vacations?

How does everyone feel about separate vacations? Does your opinion change based on the people he’s going with?

Personally, I have no problem with him going away without me for a few days. I start to get a little uncomfortable if he’s going away with people I don’t really know.
Oh, I should have mentioned – We do travel together at least once or twice a year (sometimes just the two of us, sometimes with friends, sometimes with family).

These are just the long weekend vacations that he sometimes take with his buddies.

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Best cruise lines for couples without children?

What are the best cruise lines for couples without children? We’re in our mid 20’s. We’d like to go on a cruise where we can really enjoy the view and everything it offers without having to share pools, etc. with small children. But we also don’t want to go on a cruise with most guests a lot older than us. If no such things exist, then we’ll just do the usual land vacation just for the two of us.

Asked by:nutella-gal

Where should my boyfriend and I go in Hawaii?

We are going on a vacation together in a couple of weeks and are trying to plan it. Which island should we go to? We are looking for beautiful, somewhat secluded beaches with the light blue water and the whole tropical essence! I keep switching islands that I like because I cant seem to find one that is just right. We are not going for a party trip but are looking for more of the romantic, beautiful and more private aspects of Hawaii where there aren’t loads of people everywhere. We are not on much of a budget so we want to go all out. Any suggestions?

Asked by:Mimi C

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