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Best place to book ALL INCLUSIVE week long vacations. Best deals?

My boyfriend and I, and another couple are planning a trip for September. We want to go to an all inclusive beach that has *********** and FREE drinks. We drink alot so for the drinks to be included would be great. Also we want airfare included as well. Where is the best place to book a trip for the cheapest? We’ll be flying out of Baltimore and want to plan this trip sometime in September. thanks!

Asked by:Lovely Coconuts ?

Best Affordable Beach Vacation for a couple?

Please let me know your best beach vacation you had with your honey. I live on the east coast but I am looking for somewhere to go where it is very affordable to stay and fly to and fun/romantic enough for my boyfriend and I. Thanks!

Asked by:Mary

Deserted Island?

Odd question, but is there some kind of a travel service(example: fishing charters taking you fishing) that will take you to an island that is deserted for like a vacation type thing. I know it sounds dumb but was just wondering if this is possible or if you need to just take a boat and go looking..

I’d like to try and stay on an island searching for my own food/building my own shelter for a couple weeks to see if I can do it, just something I’ve always wanted to do 😛

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Hawaii – Cruise or Pick an Island?

I’ve never been to Hawaii and am planning to vacation there in October. Would you recommend a Hawaiian Cruise or picking an island and possibly travelling between a couple of the islands while I’m there? It will be a girls trip, so we’ll like the beach, the water, shopping, a hike, and a few drinks with umbrellas in them 😉

Asked by:Rachelle

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